The Missionaries Guadalupans of the Holy Spirit will leave the diocese next month. From left are Sisters María Teresa Pacheco, Aida Sansor, Magdalena Carrillo, and Reyna Reséndiz.

Eleven years ago Father José Machado took the initiative to bring additional communities of religious sisters to the Diocese of Wichita to help with evangelization in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish and with Archbishop O. Michael Jackel’s (current Bishop of Dubuque) drive, this project was assigned to the Office of Hispanic Ministry under the moderator Father John Brungardt (current Bishop of Dodge City) and the then director Josefa Fernandez. They traveled to Mexico to personally request the service of the Guadalupan sisters.
In 2007 Sisters Alicia López, Reyna Resendiz, and Aida Sansor arrived in Wichita and established a new community in Perpetual Help parish and began their work of evangelization. In addition to that parish, the sisters added missions in St. Patrick, St. Margaret Mary, St. Anne, Cathedral, and in the parishes of Hutchinson, Newton, Lyons, and Arkansas City. They also dedicated themselves to the direct administration and development of the Institute of Faith Formation sponsored by the Hispanic Ministry.
During those years other sisters were also part of this mission, such as Sr. Rosa Cruz, Sr. Isabel Escamilla, and Sr. Esther Ramirez.
Over the years the sisters dedicated themselves to the catechesis and formation of leaders in the Cursillos of Christianity and Apostolic Movements. Sister Aida believes the formation of leaders and consolidation of communities has solidified the most. “The parishes are more integrated and the Hispanic community is no longer isolated, I think it is a great achievement,” she said.
Sister Reyna said, “The continuity of the formation of Hispanics through the Institute of Formation has made Hispanics more aware of their belonging to the Catholic Church.” Around 20 people have achieved a Masters in Catechesis and this is a great satisfaction for them, she said. They also managed to open new courses in the Institute to expand the original content Josefa Fernandez and the Catechist Sisters began.
Sister Reyna is most satisfied with the leadership in the parishes, and mentioned, “It gives me great joy and grateful to the Lord because the catechesis is the right foot of the pastoral in the parishes.”
Something very special that Sister Aida takes is the experience, notion, and knowledge of stewardship. She said it is something that in other missionary experiences she had not experienced or grasped. “Also the human warmth and the hunger for evangelization, the immense desire to receive the word of God, this is great satisfaction, she said.”
On June 15, the Guadalupan sisters will leave the Diocese of Wichita for different destinations, however they leave a footprint of service, constant work, spirituality and, above all, great joy in giving to others.
Sister Reyna asks the Hispanic community not to give up, to persevere, and to continue with hope and with a strong and firm faith, with the enthusiasm to know and learn more about the Gospel, and to live stewardship.
Sister Magdalen indicated that she will take in her heart the richness of stewardship that is not just in theory but the practice that she saw parishioners gradually become grateful disciples of Jesus. She invites people to visit St. Patrick and take a few minutes to see the convent that gave shelter to the Guadalupans and the Cross of the Apostolate that remains as a gift from Jesus through the founder of their community, Concepción Cabrera de Armida.
Lastly, Sister Maria Teresa Pacheco shared that her most beautiful experience has also been stewardship and the beautiful people in Wichita and South Hutchinson God gave her the chance to share with. She said Fr. Blick has been a great example to the children and youth.
Sister Maria Teresa invites the parishioners to fully live their baptismal priesthood with Guadalupan characteristics as being life bearers, encountering people, accompanying the suffering, being agents of communion and unity centered in the Trinity, and having a great love for the Virgin Mary.