Members of the Mary Draper Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution hope to decorate the graves of every veteran buried in Calvary Cemetery in Wichita for a ceremony Saturday, Dec. 15.
The DAR chapter is asking individuals and businesses to sponsor wreaths that will be laid on the graves of war veterans during the Dec. 15 national event.
The wreath-laying ceremony is associated with Wreaths Across America, a non-profit organization that honors Americans’ commitment to our fallen soldiers that “we will never forget the sacrifices made for our freedom.”
Each wreath is a symbol of honor, respect and victory. A wreath is made of 10 bouquets of evergreens, each one representing a value held dear to every American war hero. Evergreens represent longevity and endurance, and the red bow attached represents great sacrifice.
Morrill Worcester, founder of Wreaths Across America, said: “This year, when you place a wreath on a veteran’s grave, you will know it is not just a wreath. It’s your personal gift to an American hero, and you’ll swell with pride and have a tear in our eye knowing you’ve done something special for our veterans and their families. God bless our veterans and God bless America.”
Want to help?
To sponsor one or more wreaths, visit, and search for “Mary Draper” or Group ID “KS0040P.” Every wreath purchased using the Group ID: KS0040P and Location ID: KSYCW will be reserved for a veteran in Calvary Cemetery.
For more information on sponsoring as a small business or corporation, contact Deanna Girrens at