Kapaun’s Men, a men’s fellowship and formation organization based on the life of Servant of God Emil Kapaun, is now streaming its three original video series online via Formed.org.
The concept for Kapaun’s Men grew out of activities initiated at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Pittsburg and has been implemented at about 50 parishes or small groups in and outside of the Diocese of Wichita.
Kapaun’s Men consists of an hour-long meeting centered on prayer, formation, and discussion. Its goal is to help men accompany one another and grow in the virtues God has called men to embrace.
Scott Carter, coordinator of the Father Kapaun Guild, said he was happy the series is now available via the internet.
“All of us who have been involved with Kapaun’s Men are excited to be able to share the fruits of the program with the rest of the country. Not only will Kapaun’s Men help spread Father Kapaun’s story to a wider audience, but it also carries on his spirit of helping men walk with one another and strengthen each other for our mission in the world.”
The series’ topics are virtues, stewardship, and the beatitudes. They share elements of Father Kapaun’s life and tell the stories of others living out their faith. Although originally created as a way to strengthen men in their faith, the three series can be used in a group setting or for individual study by both men and women.
Formed.com is a subscription-based service that provides high-quality Catholic content. The service offers movies, audio books, e-books, and study programs, such as Kapaun’s Men. Many parishes subscribe to Formed.com, allowing all of their parishioners to register. Nearly 4,000 parishes and over 630,000 individuals across the United States use the platform. Individual subscriptions are also available.

Want to watch the Kapaun’s Men series?
Visit Formed.org to view the Virtue Series, the Stewardship Series, or the Beatitude Series. They are under the “Study” section, upper left.