There is a place for you at Charities

By Charlie Moon
I can eat lunch. I have that skill. I can talk. I have that skill.
I can ask former executive director Janet Pape (yes, this story started many years ago!) to go to lunch with me. I have that ability.
I did. We did. It was that easy. Our lunch was the start of something new. It was 10…12…15 years ago. I don’t remember, just seems as I’ve always been involved. I asked Janet to lunch to see if there was a place for me to help at Catholic Charities. There was and there still is.
That lunch has led to me being on the Catholic Charities’ development committee. Later, I was asked to be on the Catholic Charities board for two terms. It was because of that lunch I was at the first Bags to Riches. I’ve conducted the live auction at Cruise Night several times to help alleviate poverty and help struggling families.
A handful of years ago I was on the hiring committee when Wendy Glick was hired as the development director and was around when she became the executive director. I’ve watched Catholic Charities struggle. Watched us celebrate. Said goodbye to friends. And it all started with lunch. This multi-year journey started with easy. I’ve met great people and made close friends. I’ve gotten more than I gave. I promise. You can’t out-give God.
I think we all have responsibility to help others. I’m not a Bible scholar, but I can Google. From my recent search I see that Luke 12:48 tells us “to whom much is given much is required.” Much has been given to us. Much has been given to you if you are able to read these words. Maybe it’s time to give back. Reinvest in something bigger than yourself. Reinvest in people in need. Help build a better community.
Please consider getting involved in the “Charlie Challenge.” That’s where I get people to consider investing some time in figuring out how they can help. How they can start with easy. Invest some time thinking about how you could help Catholic Charities alleviate poverty and build strong families.
Maybe easy for you is calling me and letting me take you on a tour of one of the programs. Or volunteering at one of the programs. Or maybe in writing a check. Whatever your easy is, we’ll help you find it.
I know, I know. Some of you out there are saying “I wouldn’t even know where to start?” Start with easy. God gives us tasks that we can handle. I can handle lunch. We get all amped up and worried and conflicted about not being able to “do enough” or “do it right.”
Let’s do this. Let’s start. Start with easy. We never know where God is taking us. God does. Let God handle the complicated, the intricate, the convoluted, the knotty, tricky and messy. Start with easy.
Every day the good people at Catholic Charities go to work to help alleviate poverty and build strong families. Alleviating poverty and building strong families. That is good work. Maybe somewhere in all that you could find a place to help. You can thank me later.

Want to ‘start with easy?’
When you would like to “start with easy” (or volunteer), contact Linda Howard at Catholic Charities. Or, if that’s too much, call Charlie Moon at (316) 990-9945.