Camp Totus Tuus: faith, fun and much more

By Matthew Dolechek
Before my first summer as a missionary at Camp Totus Tuus, someone told me, “A bad day at camp is better than a good day anywhere else.” I took it as a corny phrase coming from a past camper filled with nostalgia.
However, it wasn’t long into that summer that I understood their message. I had come down with some bad allergies about half way through the second week; my throat was in such pain to the point I could hardly talk. I endured and did my job to the best of my ability, and yet as the team was driving back from camp that Friday, I realized just how great of a week it had been.
Despite being as sick as a dog, I was humbled with the opportunity to be a witness of Christ and to show his love and joy to a bunch of campers as I was working with an amazing group of college students who were willing to sacrifice with the same goal in mind: bring these campers closer to Christ. The sacrifice and pain was totally worth it as I was able to see these kids become stronger Catholics in their relationship with Jesus Christ throughout the week. The beauty of being a camp counselor is that opportunity to change lives is given every week for eight weeks for hundreds of kids.
Totus Tuus is powerful because its impact on the kids is not limited to the week they are there. Rather, the impact is a lifetime change towards authentic Christian discipleship. The week long experience turns into a lifestyle living totally for Christ.
This camp is completely centered on Christ with daily adoration, Mass, rosary, the liturgy of the hours, and many more Christ-centered activities including counselors giving testimonies of their journey towards Christ. But with all of this prayer is a whole lot of fun. Kids get to enjoy a huge water slide, ninjas and dance parties at night, and classic Totus Tuus games like “skadoosh” which is a mixture of soccer, hand ball, and arbitrary rules.
Being chosen to direct this amazing camp in the summer of 2018 is truly one of the most humbling and exciting opportunities of my life. The preparing and planning process for the summer has taken me to a deeper place of trust in God. I have realized that the program is so much bigger than I am and that is all in the hands of God.
Dolechek is Totus Tuus Camp director.

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