Camp Totus Tuus is described as ‘indescribable’

By Mary Linnebur
One could spend hours trying to compose a list of all the remarkable characteristics of Camp Totus Tuus: skits, all-night adoration, flannels, hacky-sack, Liturgy of the Hours, Olympic games, dance parties, enlivening talks about our faith, daily Mass, authentic friendships, and an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ are only glimpses into the adventure that is Camp Totus Tuus.
For the past two summers I have been graced with the incredible opportunity to serve as a missionary at the best place on earth: Camp Totus Tuus. Trying to articulate the gratitude for this program and the love I have for all those I have encountered through it is an incredibly daunting task. I do not think words could ever express the blessing and growth it has shown me.
As I began my first summer, I had no idea the impact that it would have on my life. Nothing could have prepared me for how the Holy Spirit would work through the lives of not only myself and my team but many campers as well. It was humbling to see these young campers joyfully embracing the faith and making it their own.
I am constantly inspired by the way the campers give everything they have for Christ. Their light and enthusiasm is seen not only in conversation but also in the way they go all out for every activity.
It is seen in their faces as they receive communion and heard in their voices as they sing the Salve Regina after night prayer. It is through their witness that I have received so much more than I could ever give.
I am once again both humbled and blessed to be serving as a missionary at Camp Totus Tuus this coming summer. It is with eager anticipation that I await the start of yet another eight weeks filled with chants, bon fires, Chaco tan lines, meaningful conversations, and a whole lotta Jesus.
Linnebur is this year’s Camp Totus Tuus assistant director.

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