Catholic Charities serves all in need

By Melissa Grelinger
It is our diamond anniversary! That means Catholic Charities has been providing services in the Diocese of Wichita for 75 years.
Through the commitment to alleviate poverty, build strong families, and care for the neglected and abused, Catholic Charities has improved the quality of life for thousands throughout our diocese, many of which are children.
Even though 80 percent of the clients do not identify as being Catholic, our philosophy from day one in 1943 has been to preserve the dignity of families and individuals we serve regardless of faith or no faith.
The “hand up” approach to improving lives is evident throughout the 13 programs offered through Catholic Charities. Services go far beyond providing food and shelter.
Whether it is a family or a previously abused mother with her children leaving one of the shelters, clients leave with hope, joy, and anticipation for a future better than they had when they arrived. Housing, employment and education issues are addressed while in shelter so these families can look forward to a more stable future.
Hope and joy are not limited to the shelter clients. Smiles are in abundance at Adult Day Services where seniors who are aging and those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, as well as adults with disabilities acquire, maintain, and enhance daily living skills.
The warmth and compassion of a Foster Grandparent has provided thousands of children in our schools, shelters, day care centers and hospitals improved psychological, social and educational development.
While not all of our clients stories have been ones of success, Catholic Charities strives to see the face of God in each client and that is why we have done what we do for the past 75 years.
Grelinger is chairperson of Catholic Charities Board of Directors.