Stewardship is sharing what God has given

Editor’s note: The following is excerpts from a lay witness talk by Nick Crockett from Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in South Hutchinson. Nick and his wife, Amy, have two children, Hanna and Addison.
This year’s stewardship theme is “Who are you following?”
I think the theme is about looking deep within ourselves and reflecting on our priorities in life. When we do this, we may find some changes need to be made in our lives. The question I asked myself was “Is what I’m living for worth what Christ died for?” I challenge you to ask yourself the same question.
Stewardship is defined as: “The grateful response of a Christian disciple, who recognizes and receives God’s gifts, and who shares these gifts in love of God and neighbor.” When we discern the theme “Who are you following?,” we have to ask ourselves are we truly giving everything we have to God?
Stewardship comes in many forms. We have all heard about the three Ts of time, talent and treasure. These are all equally important because if we lack in one or more of these, our church suffers. Stewardship is about saying “yes” when asked to help – no matter what. Just being present is enough sometimes. We don’t always need to know how to do something at the church before we say yes to helping. We will learn from other parishioners. Being another set of hands and having the willingness to help is powerful in large numbers.
One of the ways my family participates in stewardship is that my wife teachers kindergarten PSR. She loves to help the kids learn about God. She says it is refreshing to see their innocence and eagerness to learn. They are just learning the lessons we all continue to work on throughout our lives.
There are so many ways to use our time and unique talents God has given each one of us. All of us have time, granted some have less than others, but to keep our parish going, it takes all of us. It is a blessing to work with other parishioners for the good of our church.
We also believe in looking at our tithing every year and try to increase it even if just a little each year. This is a sacrifice, but it is worth it. By increasing our tithing a little each year, we don’t miss the extra amount we give to the church and believe we gain so much more from God in return. We feel his blessings throughout our family life.
We think it is important to show our children that giving to the church, whether it be with time, talent or treasure, are all very important.