Make a plan to give here and to give in the hereafter

Balance your giving today with tomorrow’s
By Travis Pearson
Think of everything we balance: work schedules, tires, checkbooks, meals, kids’ schedules, in-laws (just kidding Bernie and Fritzie), and so much more. Yet, for all we so carefully keep in tune, few of us consider balancing our charitable giving. But just like everything else that runs better when aligned or properly tuned, our charitable giving can be more powerful and effective when it takes into account both the present and the future.
If you make annual gifts to your parish or other chosen ministries, you may be interested in ways to continue your giving into the future. If you have already included your parish or other favorite ministries in your will, or created another type of planned gift, you may wish to see the benefits of your giving today. If you have given primarily through annual fund donations, consider making a planned gift.
A planned gift such as a gift made through a provision in your will costs nothing. But when you include a planned gift for a ministry you already give to each year, you will find those annual gifts have a new, deeper meaning. For maximum balance, consider helping your parish or other favorite ministries through a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust that pays money back to you each year. Your planned gift could actually fund your lifestyle and help you continue your annual gifts for the rest of your life!
Many people who have already created planned gifts for their parish or other ministries want to begin seeing the results of their giving today. If this is your goal, you might consider supplementing your giving with annual gifts. It’s not the amount that matters. It’s the routine, consistent giving that complements the planned gift to come.
People tell us that when they balance their annual and future giving they find both more fulfilling. While we are grateful for all gifts, whatever the size, when donors create a balanced plan we are better able to plan for the needs of today with the goals of tomorrow.
We can help you find the mixture that is right for you. Call or email us and we will help you develop a personal solution to meet your goals.
Pearson is Planned Giving coordinator for the Diocese of Wichita.

How to give now – and later
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