Bishop Kemme: best wishes to the faithful this new year

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Happy New Year! I wish to take this opportunity to extend to all of you and your loved ones my prayers and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
As Christians with faith in Jesus Christ and the eternal destiny he secured for us by his passion, death and resurrection, we look beyond the passing of the years and the cycle of the seasons to the eternity that is our future glory. Until then, we mark the minutes, hours, days, months, and years as moments of grace in which to prepare ourselves for heaven by living lives of faith, hope and love, by practicing the virtues and making our world a more Christ like place. This is our duty as Christians; it is our honor and privilege.
I pray that 2018 will be lived by each of us in such a way as to witness to all in our lives that Jesus Christ is our greatest love and that his love has changed our lives and the world. Keep Jesus Christ at the center of every day of this New Year. Live in the heart of the church by worship, prayer and service. Be joyful in the Lord, for the Lord is our greatest source of happiness and peace. Do all of this and I am confident you will have a blessed and happy New Year!
You will be in my daily prayers as I ask the same of each of you. God bless you always with good health, happiness and peace.
+The Most Rev. Carl A. Kemme, Bishop of Wichita