NCYC calls all to a relationship with Jesus

By Ryan Littlejohn
Called. We are all called to do something in our lives.
In November I had the opportunity of a lifetime – I attended the National Catholic Youth Conference. The theme of the whole weekend was “Called. We are Called by Name, Called to More, Called to Listen, and Called to Serve.”
We are called to be something amazing, called to be more than the person we already are, to lay down our lives like Christ did for us. We are called to serve like the saints did, to live out our faith in the hardest of times. We are called to be more by living out the Gospel message. Most importantly, we are called to listen, listen to what God wants you to do with your life. Every day was a new “called,” a new challenge to face in my life.
God’s will is hard to find sometimes with all the distractions in the world, social media, girls, school, jobs, the amount of stress we have in our life. Sometimes we need to unplug, put the phone down, go on a retreat, find what we are missing. Maybe it was God. That’s who I was missing.
Listening to the talks about the saints and the amount of love God has given us no matter what we have done to turn our backs on him. Loving God has to be the first step of the big picture of love. Then you love yourself, Jesus said to love others as you love yourself. After you have that self-love you can give it to others.
Sometimes you may wonder “Jesus, where are you in my relationship?” I was asking him that question going into NCYC “Jesus you gave me this amazing relationship but where are you in it?” After watching this relationship with this girl fall apart I started to wonder “How can He be there at first and then be gone?” In the talks and breakout sessions we heard stories of saints who went through the challenges we do.
I found my love for God in adoration. We keep hearing the whole weekend to give everything up. Give it to God, give our sorrows, joys everything to God. Adoration that night I gave everything up and I heard words from God that I never thought I would hear. It was like God wrecked everything just to start from the new to rebuild my life, clear away all the sin and start anew.
God works in mysterious ways, but he called me to follow him more that weekend. He called me to be more than I already was. I was called.
Littlejohn is a senior at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School and a member of St. Mary’s Parish in Newton.