Student attends two schools and is ready to learn how to serve Mass

Voice of Ability
By James Rohleder
I am 11 years old. I have two brothers and one sister. I have Down Syndrome. I go to two schools: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for religion, P.E., and music, and Emilia Earhart in Goddard for everything else.
Double the schools means I have double the friends. Our priest wants to know if I am ready to help serve Mass. My aide, Mrs. Harrison, says “yes” I am ready to learn. She has been my helper at St. Elizabeth since kindergarten. She has gone to workshops and visited my school in Goddard all because she loves me. Now she is helping me learn to do my own locker at school.
I like Bishop Carroll football. We go every Friday night to watch my brother play. But my favorite part is watching the band. I was in Special Olympics for swimming and won some medals. In the summer I go to Totus Tuus camp for kids with special needs. I love getting to hang out with the seminarians and Fr. Kyle who said Mass for us. I really like playing Can Jam with my brother Joe and I am pretty good at it. My favorite family time is playing kickball. We all laugh and have fun together.
My best friend is my neighbor Preston. He goes to school in Goddard and his parish is St. Francis. He is a really good athlete.
We play flag football in my front yard. I want a chocolate lab dog named Jim. Someday I hope my family will own a camper so we can go to Colorado. We will take Jim and maybe we will get to visit my 35 cousins who live all over the U.S.