September 12: Msgr. John Hackenbroich


September 12, 1952

Msgr. John Hackenbroich

Msgr. Hackenbroich was born in Woringen, Rhineland, Germany on November 24, 1879. He received his early education in Woringen and his high school education at St. Mary’s College in Rome. His theological studies were at St. Mary’s College in Tyrol and he was ordained for the Society of the Divine Savior on July 6, 1902 in Trent. For two years he worked in the Diocese of Liege and the Archdiocese of Cologne and then went to the missions. He was stationed from 1908 – 1912 in Brahmabutra, India where he suffered a severe attack of tropical fever and was sent to recover at the Tropical Institute in London, England. Following his doctor’s recommendation to work in a drier climate, he came to the Diocese of Wichita in 1913 and was assigned to St Bernard’s Parish in Belpre for five years and then to St. Joseph’s Parish in Liebenthal. His last pastorate was at St. Mark’s Parish, St. Mark, where he was made a Domestic Prelate on April 30, 1949. Msgr. Hackenbroich’s last assignment was as chaplain at the Villa Maria Home in Mulvane in 1951. He used to say, “I am prayerfully hoping that the good Lord will let me live to see 50 years in the priesthood and that I may celebrate in my hometown in Germany.” (The Advance Register, Sept. 19, 1952). His prayers were answered because he returned to Germany in June of 1952 and celebrated his jubilee in his hometown where he also died sixty days later. He was a priest in the Diocese of Wichita for 39 years.