November 25: Father Matthew Brady


November 25, 1941

Father Matthew Brady

Father Brady was born on September 27, 1889 at Farring Arriff, Arva, Cavan, Ireland. He studied at Mungret College in Limerick; St. Kieran’s College at Kilkenny; Collegio Brignole, Genoa, Italy; and St. Peter’s College at Wexford, Ireland. On September 27, 1914 he was ordained for the Diocese of Wichita but worked several years in Ireland and England before coming to Wichita. He was made pastor of Burns with Cassoday as a mission as his first pastorate in 1923. In June of 1925 he took a five-year leave of absence because of poor health. Following his return, he was pastor of Cunningham with Turon as a mission; chaplain at St. Mary’s Hospital in Winfield; assistant at St. Mary’s Parish in Pittsburg; and as pastor in Elkhart. His last assignment was as chaplain at St. John’s Hospital at Iola in 1935 where he remained until his death on November 25, 1941. Bishop Winkelmann celebrated Fr. Brady’s Funeral Mass with 34 priests in attendance on November 28, 1941. Fr. Brady was the last of seven priests to die in 1941.