Our culture isn’t reverting to the paganism of the past, according to Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, instead it is creating a religion to replace Christianity – and today’s new sexual mores are part of that change.
The Most Rev. Chaput, archbishop of Philadelphia, was one of the speakers at the Humanae Vitae 50th Anniversary Symposium April 4-6, at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.
The moral conflicts society faces, such as broken families, social unraveling, and gender confusion stems “from our disordered attitudes toward creation and our appetite to master, reshape and even deform nature to our wills,” Abp. Chaput said.
“We want the freedom to decide what reality is. And we insist on the power to make it so,” he said. Such thinking is manifest in efforts to master the limitations of the human body and “attack the heart of our humanity.”
A half century after the publication of Humanae Vitae, the church in the United States is at a very difficult but also very promising moment,” the archbishop said.
The church’s mission now, as always, he added, in not to surrender to the world, “but to feed and ennoble the deepest yearnings of the world and thereby to lead it to Jesus Christ and his true freedom and joy.”

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