Ministries and Offices

As faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to build up the people of God in the Diocese of Wichita in holiness and joy through works of love.

Function of the Curia

The Diocesan Curia collaborates and shares in the ministry of the Bishop. The curia has both instrumental and ministerial characteristics. It is instrumental in that the various offices exist and operate in relation to and based on the ministry of the Bishop, acting on his authority and in accordance with his priorities and plans. It is ministerial in that the curia approaches the pastors and the parishes with a servant mentality.

Pastoral Priorities of the Curia

In fulfilling its instrumental characteristics, the curia follows the will of the Bishop by:

  • Embracing stewardship and the Synod as enduring points of reference
  • Preserving Catholic identity of mission and ministry
  • Having an attitude of service and taking services to parishes and the community with a special care for the poor
  • Promoting vocations to the priesthood and religious life
  • Inspiring and inviting the faithful to participate actively in the Church’s mission
  • Promoting life-long evangelization, catechesis, and Catholic education
  • Demonstrating responsible stewardship of time, talent and treasure

Scope of the Curia

In fulfilling its ministerial characteristics, each office of the curia, as collaborators with the Bishop, has its own scope of responsibilities or competencies.

Each office deals with subject matter or projects that:

  • Pertain to the office of the Bishop
  • Are broader than an individual parish
  • Are assigned to an individual office by the Bishop
  • Respond to a request for help from an individual parish

In keeping with the priorities and plans of the Bishop, each individual office will take initiative and be creative, collaborating with other offices, and consulting widely with one another and with parishes.