Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter

For couples married five or more years, Marriage Encounter is a weekend retreat designed to help renew a couple’s love through communication, intimacy, and a deeper understanding of the sacrament that unites them. The weekend is free from everyday routines, distractions, and tensions. An atmosphere is created where the couple can concentrate exclusively on one another in a private and confidential environment.

Upcoming Weekend at Spiritual Life Center
November 8-10, 2019  

For registration and application: Jerry and Rebecca Gillespie at 316-244-8566 or Leon & Loretta Brittian at (719) 387-9842 or e-mail at .

For more information, go to and select Find a Weekend.


Encuentro Matrimonial  Mundial at the Spiritual Life Center:
Fines de Semana:

Abril 5-7 del 2019
Septiembre 13-15 del 2019

Informes: Jose y Alma Garcia al(316) 305-0802  o (316) 519-4194