Fr. Kapaun Face of Christ's Mercy Poster Contest

A big thank you to the many students who participated in our poster contest for the Year of Father Kapaun and the Year of Mercy!  We had over 1000 entries- probably a lot more, but too many to count!  It was great to see the creativity and artistic ability of the students in the Diocese!  We had a difficult time choosing the winners, so we let the everyone in the Chancery Office vote.  Here are the top three from each category:

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade:

First Place: Luke from St. Catherine of Siena, Wichita

Second Place: Grace from St. Mary, Ft. Scott


Third Place: Esperanza from St. Patrick, Wichita



3rd - 5th Grade:


First Place: Mariana from St. Patrick, Wichita

Second Place: Elena from St. Patrick, Wichita

Third Place: Keiko from St. Mary, Ft. Scott



6th - 8th Grade:



First Place: Claire from St. Francis of Assisi, Wichita

Second Place: Rose, Homeschool, Wichita

Third Place: Joe from St. Joseph, Wichita



High School:




First Place: Madeline from Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Wichita

First Place: Khanh from Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Wichita


Third Place: Anna from Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Wichita

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