Christmas Thoughts

I often wonder what was going through the POW's minds that first Christmas after they had been captured. Some would have made it to the Prison Camp, others were still being marched to the there. I wonder if the reality of the situation had set in yet. I am sure many were still hoping for the promised end of the war that

would surely not last into the winter months. Probably none of the prisoners knew the extent of the Chinese involvement in the war. I am sure it was not long before the cold and the harshness of their situation began to wear on them. Prayers for all of the families who have lost loved ones while they fought to protect others. Prayers for all of those that returned home who have to deal with the memories of such difficult times. Still today, far too many are forced to be away from home and family in still difficult times. Our prayers continue, may the world come to know the Peace of Christ. Father Kapaun, pray for us.

Fr. John Hotze

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