History Of Harvest House

Started in 1973 by Fr. Louis Putz, C.S.C. for persons 65 and older, Harvest House is a movement to form small parish units called centers.

The priest who thought up the concept and started the Harvest House ministry at South Bend, Indiana gave Harvest House the name it has because he understood that ideally when were are older, we are harvesting out life experiences; that older Catholics have gleaned valuable wisdom and knowledge that can be nurtured and shared. We are able to harvest for God, the Church and the civic community all the rich fruits that we have sown, nourished and fostered during our lifetime.

These centers have been part of the Wichita Diocese since 1989. From the beginning, each Harvest House Center took on a life of its own with unique leadership structures and program styles. However, most centers hold monthly meetings at an established day and time.

Today, members of each Harvest House Center throughout the diocese continue to challenge each other to live out the six goals envisioned by Fr. Putz.