About Harvest House

The seniors in Harvest House are a lively group of Catholics who rejoice in the God-given gift of dear friendship. Not only do they worship together, they travel together, pray together, laugh together, and love one another. If you are looking for a place to belong, as well as a place where God can use your gifts, then Harvest House is the place for you!

Who can join?

Membership is open to all parishioners age 65 and older, and to both spouses even when one does not meet the age requirement. We also welcome retirees of any age. Membership dues are left up to each center to determine; some may change a nominal yearly due to cover expenses, while other may not.

What if your parish does not have a Harvest House center?

Speak to your pastor about starting one, or maybe you are being called to restart one. Share with him why you think this ministry is important and needed. With his permission, contact the Coordinator of Senior Adult Ministries in the Office of Marriage and Family Life. It is truly a joy for our staff to make this blessing happen in the lives of Catholic senior adults.