By Andrew Comiskey
As Desert Stream Ministries prepares for a day-long Gender Matters Conference Friday, March 15, in Wichita, I asked myself: “Why are we doing this?”
Gender matters because God cares about the fruitfulness of people. I first became aware of Jesus’ love for me as I explored homosexual options, wondering if that was who I was and how I was destined to relate to others. In spite of our best intentions, my friends and I hit a dead end.
Our freedom to be “gay” resulted in no new life. Sex has to give an answer for itself. In light of deep feelings and wounds to the contrary, we are oriented by God to reserve sexual love for a committed union between a man and woman who care for the fruit of their love.
Gender matters because God cares about fruitfulness. Gender matters because God cares about children. The ministry was founded 40 years ago to gather with persons seeking freedom from the domination of same-sex attraction.
After four decades, yesterday’s shame has become today’s boast. Gay liberties, including the right for same-gender couples to “marry,” have morphed into transgender rights in which one is encouraged to embrace a self, contrary to his or her biological gender.
Everyone used to know a person with same-sex attraction. Today some families are torn apart by a member who claims to be trapped in the wrong body. God cares about these children because he made them and he has a destiny for their lives based upon his design. He also cares about families who surround these ones, suffer for them, and have a vision for their fruitfulness in spite of ill-informed opinions.
Gender matters because our common enemy wants to exploit vulnerable people with false solutions as to how to resolve their identity conflicts. With humility and intelligence, we seek God and reason to explore why persons devalue their gender selves. And we offer a path toward chastity, toward true integration of personhood in the face of lies.
One cannot change one’s gender. But we can be reconciled to who we are.
Gender matters because God is merciful and he loves to reconcile his children to their true selves. He made us and he redeems us according to that image. Our ‘becoming’ glorifies him. Today many persons are heeding the still small voice: ‘In spite of all my liberties, something is wrong.’ And they like me, 40 years later, are wondering if this Jesus might hold the keys to their happiness.
I can say with assurance that he does and he entrusts these keys to his church. My wife and four grown children attest to these keys, as does my staff who will share their stories.
Join us on Friday, March 15, to explore how Jesus unlocks personal prisons and sets captives free through the merciful body of Christ.
Comiskey is the founder and director of the Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries.

Want to attend the gender issues seminar?
“Gender Matters - Fighting for a New Generation” will be presented from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, March 15, in the Pius X Room at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 424 N. Broadway, in Wichita. To register visit