Mika Gross says she gets the same feedback after every Love and Logic parenting series.
One of the remarks participants share is that they are able to stay calm after their children misbehave when previously they might have lost their temper. Other parents describe how simple and effective the concepts are.
“Now I realize why all my ‘rational conversations’ with my kids didn’t actually change their behavior,” one parent said.
The Love and Logic series, offered through the diocesan Office of Marriage and Family Life, is designed to help parents parent more effectively and calmly.
Gross, a parent counselor at The Parent’s Place in Wichita, says the series was developed in the 1970s by an educator and a psychiatrist who wanted children to learn to manage themselves, to learn to make great decisions, to solve problems, and to understand how to improve their own lives.
“They also wanted to empower parents with ideas to help them do the best possible parenting during the time they were raising their children – and manage the complexities of family life,” she said.
The Love and Logic series is the result of years of development and incorporates simple, key ingredients to a parent-child relationship.
“At the core of Love and Logic is a sincere appreciation of the impactful nature of the parent-child relationship; a positive, fun, and encouraging message; healthy principles for family life; and a great understanding of the many real challenges associated with parenting,” Gross said.
Millions of parents and teachers have taken the course that has proven to be a great complement to the task of forming children, she said, adding that participants are going to learn language tools to reduce arguing, strengthen their authority, and help set limits with children.
“Parents find that chaos tends to go down and we see less emotional volatility,” Gross said.
Parents do a lot to make their children’s lives better, she said, but parents should also consider their roles. “This is an investment that we’re actually making in ourselves because we’re giving ourselves new tools to become more effective leaders in the home and that’s what children need from us.”
Mika Gross, M.S., is an independent facilitator of Love and Logic and a parenting educator and parent counselor at The Parent’s Place in Wichita.

Want to be a better parent?
The Office of Marriage and Family Life will host Love and Logic parenting sessions on Tuesday evenings for five weeks. Sessions will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the St. Joseph Pastoral Center, 443 N. Topeka in Wichita, on Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26, and March 5. The cost is $45 per person and includes all materials. To register, visit www.theparentsplace.com/calendar.
Childcare will be available. Those needing children care are asked to call Jake Samour at 316-685-5240.