On the set of EWTN’s Life on the Rock are, from left, Father Mark Mary, Father Jacob Carlin, Veronica Hill and Rachel Schwindt,. (Courtesy photo)

Totus Tuus was in the spotlight recently on EWTN.
Three Totus Tuus representatives from the Diocese of Wichita were interviewed Thursday, June 14, in EWTN’s television studios in Irondale, Alabama.
Veronica Hill, diocesan coordinator for Totus Tuus, Father Jacob Carlin, parochial vicar at St. Patrick Parish in Wichita, and Rachel Schwindt, a former Totus Tuus missionary, were interviewed by Father John Paul Mary about the Catholic youth summer program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith through catechesis, evangelization, Christian witness, and Eucharistic worship.
“They were genuinely interested in the program and asked lots of great questions,” Hill said. “It was just so neat to be on their set and see what all goes into a production like that. All I had watched on EWTN was news events or live streams of ordinations, so it was cool to see one of their programming pieces.”
The EWTN videotaping session gave the trio time to reflect on Totus Tuus, Hill said, “especially for Rachel and Father Jacob, who attended Totus Tuus and taught Totus Tuus; how that impacted their vocations, their faith, how it sustained, inspired, encouraged their faith, and that they both are very big proponents of it now.”
Schwindt takes time off her work as a certified nursing assistant to help with the summer program and Father Carlin hosts Totus Tuus at St. Patrick Parish and helped with the high school program this year.
“They’re both very big champions for us even now,” Hill said.
The broadcast will likely mean more work for her, though.
“Since I came into the coordinator role two years ago, I really worked to unify the national network. So now I know that we are in 45 dioceses across North America – as far north as Toronto, Canada; Burlington, Vermont; and into Texas and Arizona,” she said.
Because dioceses inquire about Totus Tuus several times a year, Hill said, the diocesan Office of Faith Formation has focused on what resources they can provide other dioceses.
“I how that our time on EWTN is a launching point for people who are interested, people who have heard about it, not sure what it’s about – to really have a place to find some more information, understand what it is, what the impact is, and how it could be fruitful in their own diocese.”