Bicycling pro-lifers will be riding through Marion Tuesday, July 10, in an effort to increase awareness of and provide support for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.
The cyclists are taking part in the Biking for Babies 2018 National Ride July 8-15. Holy Family Parish in Marion will host a potluck for the rolling missionaries at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 10, in the Church Activity Center, 415 N. Cedar. The faithful are invited.
Biking for Babies was founded in 2009 when two young men, Mike Schaefer and Jimmy Becker, followed their passion to make supporting the pro-life movement more accessible to young people.
This year over 30 college students and young adults plan to cycle a combined 2,200 miles for the babies. Groups will leave from Green Bay, Wisconsin; Columbus, Ohio; Tylertown, Texas, and Holly, Colorado, and converge in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 14.
The organization’s president, Sarah Wiese, said she is inspired by the cyclists. “We exist to bring light into the darkness of our culture; we exist to invite others into a life of action, to spread hope by our physical witness on the roads.”
Kevin Biese, a participant and a father of three, said the event is another way he tries to live out a life that supports the culture of family and life. “My [eight] years with Biking for Babies has allowed me to meet a ton of awesome people from across the country who are willing to dedicate their lives to helping women, children and families in need.”

Want to help the bicyclists pedaling for life?
Information about Biking for Babies and how to support it is available at