The foundation of St. Kizito Church was dug and poured by hand. (Courtesy photos)

Father Vincent Kajoba has traveled over 8,200 miles – a third of the way around the world – to share the story of his parish church building project.
He has flown to the Diocese of Wichita for several summers to talk about St. Kizito Church in Madudu, Uganda, and to serve as a substitute priest for vacationing diocesan priests.
His summer holiday is spent educating the faithful of the diocese about the strong faith of the Catholics in Uganda, located west of Kenya in central East Africa – and looking for financial aid for his poor parish.
“We are constructing a church,” Father Kajoba said from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, which hosts him when he’s in the diocese. “We are looking for additional funding to complete the church.”
The foundation for the 800-seat church is complete for the $500,000 project. And a friend, Bob Powers, a member of Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Wichita, has helped Fr. Kajoba raise $41,000 of a $100,000 commitment he made to the Ugandan priest.
But the financial assistance has slowed dramatically, Powers said. He hopes a pledge by a generous donor to match donations to the project will help Father Kajoba’s efforts.
“I have lived in Wichita, Kansas, since 1963 and I’ve been a member of Blessed Sacrament Parish all my life except for two years,” he said. “And I have never been exposed to a hands-on opportunity…to get a realistic idea of what the Catholic Church is dealing with in the remote parts of the world.”
He said most of the faithful of the diocese have no idea how poor the Ugandan people are and how basic their lives are.
“My hope is to have the people in our parish and in our diocese learn what the church is dealing with,” Powers said. “We have no clue, we have no feel for it. We’re technologically-bound people here. My idea is to break through that a little bit.”
St. Kizito Parish has four priests who shepherd 20,000 parishioners at 43 mission churches. Each of the priests celebrate four Masses each weekend in service of the parish.

Father Kajoba dumps a load of concrete for the church foundation.

Fr. Kajoba to speak June 24 at the SLC
Father Kajoba will celebrate a Mass at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 24, at the Spiritual Life Center in Wichita. After the Mass he will talk about Catholic life in Uganda, the parish building project, and how donations will be matched.
Photos and video are available at Father Kajoba’s website is His email address is