Marriage can be hard, really hard. And time has a way of changing things.
The once young, giddy, and vibrant couple in love now faces the everyday challenges of marital life. Through the challenges couples can grow apart and – without the proper communication and commitment to one another – divorce may result.
For those who find it difficult to cope, there is hope through the Retrouvaille ministry.
The ministry helps couples stand up and say, no. No, to the worldly notion that unhappiness in marriages can only lead to separation. No, to the idea that marriage doesn’t come without challenges, and no to the idea that divorce is the only option.
The challenges of marital life – whether it be separation, fighting, affair, loss of job, addiction or financial troubles – can all be healed and trust can be restored. Retrouvaille reverses the gradual decline in a marriage to help a couple begin a climb to a joyful relationship.
Retrouvaille kicked off its marriage ministry in the Diocese of Wichita Dec. 8-10, when volunteers from California, Florida, and Oklahoma gathered in Wichita in an attempt to heal the marriages of 12 couples from our area through their three-phase process.
Retrouvaille is not marriage counseling, it is not a retreat, seminar, or even sensitivity group. Retrouvaille is a 40-year-old tried and true marriage ministry that helps couples uncover their burdens and provide restoration and healing.

Does your marriage need help?
If you and your spouse are struggling in your marriage please visit or contact Dacia at 314-249-5227 to begin the process of healing.