Ministry helps adoration participants get a sense of the transcendent
There are few practices more spiritually fulfilling than Eucharistic adoration, but a group of volunteers is making prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament nearly transcendent.
Jesse Elpers, a member of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Wichita, said the seed for Wichita Adore Ministries, or WAM, was planted about six years ago with a group organizing Eucharistic adoration.
“And back in 2014 it kind of blew up. Suddenly there were hundreds of people coming to each adoration event,” he said. “Since then we’ve done probably 230 adoration events or retreats and other events around the diocese and the archdiocese of Kansas City and a couple outside of the state.”
Elpers said WAM assists parishes, Catholic schools, and retreats with adoration events, and last year began designing productions for larger Catholic events such as youth rallies and youth conferences that include sound, lighting, photo, presentation, and video. And they do it with just over a dozen or so volunteers.
The ministry was a fruit of adoration, he said, adding that it was clearly the result of inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
“We try to dress up adoration at our events to make it very easy to, one, focus on the Eucharist and two, to start a prayer with Christ,” he said. “A lot of people who come to our events are not regular adorers – people who don’t have a weekly adoration hour. But we’re hoping to provide them with a medium to go through a holy hour, whether that be with worship music or silence during an event, and make it easy to focus on the Eucharist on the altar through careful lighting and setup.”

Want to host a WAM event?
Parishes or Catholic ministries interested in hosting a Eucharistic adoration events with Wichita Adore Ministries’ assistance, may contact Jesse Elpers at or at 316-295-6805. See related story on page 8 of the print edition.