By Bonnie Toombs
Deon Comer and her two daughters will have a Thanksgiving later this month they’ll never forget.
It will be their first in what they are calling their “forever home,” the fruit of this year’s diocesan Pope Francis Build, in conjunction with Wichita Habitat for Humanity.
The house, located at 1227 N. Estelle, needs only a few minor touch-ups before the Comer family moves in. We are so very grateful for all the volunteers who worked and those who donated money or materials.
Deon said they call their house their “forever home” because of the permanence and stability it will provide, compared to the many times they had to move before being able to buy the house.
“I want to thank everyone for their time and effort for making my dream of a forever home come true,” she said. “This home will be a consistent home for my children. They will be able to attend the same school and have a permanent community. For myself, I see this as a long-term home. It will be my retirement home. It will be a home for our future generations.”
When they started construction there was so much to do,” Deon said. “Now we are at the end stages and I am excited and proud. It’s been wonderful to work with Wichita Habitat and experience this opportunity.”
After more than 250 hours of sweat equity on her house and neighbor’s houses, Deon will purchase her home on a zero percent, 20-year mortgage. Like other participants, she has completed 40 hours of classes in financial literacy and homebuyer education.
Deon’s is the 33rd Wichita Habitat for Humanity house in the Rock the Block neighborhood. Wichita Habitat for Humanity launched Rock the Block in 2014 in order to best serve families and the growing need for safe, affordable housing.
It focuses on development in the A. Price Woodard Neighborhood with the goal of creating large areas of sustainable change. Partners include local non-profits, private and public investors, the City of Wichita and the A. Price Woodard Neighborhood Association.

Passing of keys Nov. 19
Bishop Carl A. Kemme will bless the new house during its dedication at 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19, at 1227 N. Estelle in Wichita.
All are invited to join in celebrating with the Comer family as they receive the keys to their “forever home.”