Bishop Carl A. Kemme described the rosary as a powerful tool that connects us to the mysteries of God at a noon Mass Friday, Oct. 13, a Mass that marked the centennial of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal.
The bishop said he was overjoyed to walk out of the sacristy into a church that was at capacity with the faithful. “It is wonderful to see you doing what the Blessed Mother asked you to do.”
The rosary is a powerful prayer, he said, adding that when we pray it “we are washed with the principle mysteries of Christ’s salvation for our souls.”
“It will benefit our spiritual lives if we never let a day pass – if at all possible – without taking up our beads,” Bishop Kemme said.
The rosary hearkens the faithful back to Jesus’ words, he said, “Repent and believe in the good news. For the kingdom of God is at hand.”
The Blessed Mother echoes the words of her divine son, Bishop Kemme said, so that our souls will be ever cleansed…and so we can go directly to heaven.”
Reparation is a word we don’t hear today, he said, suggesting that the faithful fast and offer up their sufferings, as Our Lady of Fatima said, for a divine purpose.
The suffering could also be offered for “the many godless things happening in the world today,” Bishop Kemme said, adding that abortion was the greatest of those.
The Blessed Virgin would be delighted to see the great number at Mass, he said, closing his homily by again recommending the faithful take up their rosaries and connect to the mysteries of God.