Father Kapaun Pilgrimage

This pilgrimage is a 60 mile trek over 4 days and 3 nights with daily Mass and times for prayer and reflection.


Pilgrims walk during the day and camp at night. The pilgrimage begins at Church of the Magdalen in Wichita and ends with the Father Kapaun Day Mass at 11:00 am in Pilsen.

The first day is rigorous, covering around 22 miles, with the following three days slightly less so. The walk includes daily Mass and time for confessions.  Every 2-3 miles  of the walk we pause for Father Kapaun Stations: reflection on different aspects of Fr. Kapaun's life. Portions of the walk are dedicated to group rosaries and silence, while the rest is great time for discussion and meeting new people.

Pilgrims who are unable to walk all 4 days are welcome to join us on any particular morning.  A van will meet at the Church of the Magdalen to pick up new pilgrims each day.  Please sign up through the link (when available) and mark the days you plan to attend.

This pilgrimage is made possible by donations. We ask that pilgrims make a small donation to cover food, gas, and other needs, usually in the amount of $20 a pilgrim.

Register online. For more information, please contact Fr. Eric Weldon at 316-262-1821 or J.P. and Audrea Brunke at 620-545-7058.

Not walking? You can still get involved!
For those unable to walk or wanting to participate in another way, we are looking for volunteers to assist in many different capacities (food, transportation, camp, etc.)

Another way to participate is by joining us in a spiritual pilgrimage. Praying the Father Kapaun prayer each day for the pilgrims is greatly appreciated, as are fasting, rosaries, and Mass intentions. This pilgrimage is only made possible through prayerful support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the route?

Start: Church of the Magdalen, 12626 E. 21st St. N, Wichita, KS 67206, on Thursday. Pilgrimage begins with Mass at 6 am.
First Day: 22 Miles to McNeil farm, 2 miles north of Whitewater.
Second Day: 14 Miles to Peabody Park
Third Day: 16 Miles to Kroupa Farm, US-56 and Remington Road
Fourth Day: 8 Miles to Pilsen, Father Kapaun Day Mass at 11:00 am

Map of Pilgrimage

What to Wear? Will I carry my gear?

Bring sunscreen! Wear a good sun hat, light clothing, walking shorts, good walking shoes, good socks. It is NOT recommended to wear heavy hiking boots that are designed for mountains or very rugged terrain.

All gear will be transported by trailer. You can carry a small back pack.

Will I carry my gear? What if I need to rest? Will there be First Aid?

There will be rest stops along the way. If more rest is needed a trail vehicle will be provided.

Yes, a medicine box will be provided. But bring band-aids or other items for treating blisters.

Will showers be available?

Yes, at the overnight stops there will be simple camp showers outside for those who want to use them. A swimsuit would be good to bring.

Will there be Mass and confession time available?

We will have Mass on each day of the trip. Priests will be available on the pilgrimage.

Will be meals be provided? Will there be coffee?

Yes, breakfast will be small, lunch and dinner provided.

No, because it is often very hot, we try to stay away from coffee which can speed up dehydration. We realize this is a sacrifice!

How will I get home?

A school bus will be on hand at Pilsen to transport those who wish back to Magdalen.