Help for Infertility


  Resources for Couples Facing Infertility

Life Giving Love in an Age of Technology is a document by the U.S. Catholic Bishops written for infertile couples and all interested in fertility and technology.  Copies are available from our office or may be purchased from the USCCB website.

Addressing Infertility with Compassion and Clarity is another resource published by the USCCB.  It is available for download here or may be purchased from the USCCB website.

Infertility can often be a symptom of an underlying disease. In most cases, these diseases have a two-pronged effect, so that they not only hinder the well-functioning of fertility, but they also cause short and long-term health issues. Click here for more information.

However, recent studies have revealed exciting developments that address the underlying causes of infertility which are now available to you. How, you ask? Couples, particularly women, can benefit greatly from learning to chart their cycles, as this is a starting point for identifying and addressing the prevailing causes of infertility. You deserve to know, so get started by beginning to chart today.