Grief of Children and Teens

A Complete Book about Death for Kids
by Earl Grollman

Earl Grollman has written a complete book for the description of everything regarding death, and in a format easily digestible by children and extraordinarily helpful for their grief process. Many times a child is too scared to ask the questions that truly plague them surrounding a funeral or it is too painful for an adult to explain what will happen next. This book will, in a kind and gentle approach, tackle many of these questions and give psychology proven advice for helping children to handle their sadness.

I Know Someone Who Died Coloring Book
by Connie Manning and Kathy Burns

I Know Someone Who Died is a coloring book that will keep children engaged while also gently explaining the concepts of death and loss in a manner suitable for ages three to eight.

A Child Remembers
by Enid Traisman

Focused on preserving memories of the loved one now departed, A Child Remembers is written for a child ages 8-12 and includes pages for writing about the person's life and death, a goodbye letter, pages to draw the service, and more. 


Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers
by Earl Grollman

Straight Talk takes an easy to read and straight-forward approach to exploring many of the emotions and problems a Teen will experience upon the death of a loved one. Highly recommended by teen counselors, therapists, and parents alike, this book calls to the wounded teenage heart.