Note: if you or someone you know is feeling depressed, please call the National Depression Hotline: 1-800-826-3632. The following resources are meant to aid those suffering from depression by providing additional resources to those struggling with depression and should not be taken as a substitute for professional care.

Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach 
by Kathryn Hermes

Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach has long been heralded as a helpful resource for placing into perspective many of the emotions and thoughts that the depressed may be experiencing. Sister Kathryn also published a companion work entitled Prayers for Surviving Depression which offers many prayers and spiritual meditations to enhance your experience and further the healing process.

Catholic Guide to Depression
by Aaron Kheriarty

Aaron Kheriaty takes a comprehensive spiritual and secular approach to depression by incorporating by using therapeutic techniques that are consistent with Church teachings and at times rooted in them. This book provides more than narrative meditation, however, also offering a sound knowledge base on the causes of depression, the realities of those afflicted with it, and the best techniques we have to address it be them drug therapy, counseling, or theological meditation. This is a great educational tool and work of healing.

Protect Us from All Anxiety: Meditations for the Depressed
by Fr. William Burke

Fr. Burke wrote this series of journal meditations while he wrestled with his own feelings of despair and depression. The short but powerful entries take the reader through a gradual path of healing. Courageously honest and direct, readers often feel as if the author, a Catholic priest, is describing exactly what lies in their hearts.

Emerging From Depression
by William Rabior

A less well known but no less powerful example of a Catholic approach to managing depression comes from William Rabior, a certified social worker with personal experiences in depression recovery.