Holthusen, Joshua & Sarah

Joshua and Sarah HolthusenMr. and Mrs. Joshua and Sarah Holthusen

Possible Talks (descriptions below): Our Catholic Journey: Dating, Chastity and NFP

A sample of Josh and Sarah's topics:

  • Marriage
  • Losing Loved Ones
  • Conversion
  • Dating
  • Parenting
  • Chastity/Chaste Love
  • Discerning and Following God's Will

Speaker's Bio: Sarah and Josh Holthusen are both native Kansans. Sarah grew up on a wheat farm ten miles west of Kingman, and Josh grew up in Atchison. They met on their very first day at Benedictine College and were married three years later. After they graduated from Benedictine, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where they pursued their music dreams for almost seven years. God had different plans for them, however, and after their second son was born, they moved back to Kansas so their children could grow up around they family. They now live with their five boys in Wichita, and attend Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish. Their presentation style includes a mixture of songs interspersed among their witness talk that includes such topics as: conversion to Catholicism, losing loved ones, chastity, Natural Family Planning, parenting, following God's will, etc. Their presentations bring out a lot of laughter…and sometimes a few tears. They will bring their own sound equipment and play for up to an hour. To find out more about them, check out their website, www.sarahandjoshmusic.com.




# of Class Periods

Length of each Class Period


Our Catholic Journey

Dating, Chastity, Marriage, NFP, Parenting


45-60 min