Martin, Amy

Amy MartinMrs. Amy Martin

Possible Talks (descriptions below): Evangelizing Catechists, Engaging Parents in Religious Education, Strong Catholic Families, Classroom Management for Religious Education, Connecting with Middle and High School students in Religious Education

A sample of Amy’s topics:

  • Catechesis
  • Classroom Management
  • Communication
  • Evangelization
  • Prayer

Speaker's Bio: Amy has several years of experience as a classroom teacher in various elementary grades, she has taught middle school and high school PSR and was the Director of Religious Education at Church of the Holy Spirit in Goddard for four years. She has a BA in Communication and a BA in Elementary Education from Wichita State and a Masters in Theological Studies from Newman University. Currently, Amy is a Program Coordinator for Catechist Formation and Resources at the Office of Faith Formation. She and her husband, Matt have three daughters and live in Wichita.




# of Class Periods

Length of each Class Period


Evangelizing Catechists

Practical, realistic ways to draw catechists closer to the Lord


60-90 min


Engaging Parents in Religious Education

Ways to get invite, encourage and engage parents in being more involved with Religious Education.


60-90 min


Classroom Management for Religious Education

Effective ways to prepare and manage a classroom and a class of students


60-90 min


Connecting with Middle and High School students in Religious Education

Innovative and fun ways to connect with Middle and High School students while still catechizing effectively.


90 min


Strong Catholic Families

Suggestions to strengthen families in the Catholic faith based on current research and trends


60-90 min