Graver, Erin

Mrs. Erin Graver

Possible Talks (descriptions below): Misison of Women; Introduction to the Gospel of Mark; Introduction to the Gospel of Luke; God's Plan for the Family: How to be a Domestic Church; In the Beginning: Created for Gift

A sample of       Erin’s topics:

  • Christology
  • Ecclesiology
  • Morality
  • Catholic Authors
  • Creed
  • Apologetics
  • Church Documents
  • Sacred Scripture
  • Creed
  • The Christian Family

Speaker's Bio: Erin Graver attended the University of Notre Dame, where she spent time in the Great Books program before majoring in theology as well as philosophy. She earned a Masters degree in Theological Studies at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Washington, D.C., where she specialized in marriage and family studies. It was at the John Paul II Institute where Erin met her husband, David Graver. After the two married, they moved to Erin's hometown of Wichita, Kansas, where they both taught in the Religion Department of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School before they were blessed with two daughters, Dorothea and Edith. Erin now stays at home full-time to mother her daughters and also enjoys giving occasional talks at schools, parish ministry events and retreats.




# of Class Periods

Length of each Class Period


Mission of Women

Through the document Mulieris Dignitatem, we explore the gifts and mission God gives to women.


45-60 minutes


Introduction to the Gospel of Luke

We use an introduction to main themes of Luke as a lens through which to look at major passages."


45-60 minutes


Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

We explore the background and main themes of Mark and look at the first few chapters in detail.r


45-60 minutes


God's Plan for the Family: How to be a Domestic Church

With the help of Familiaris Consortio, we explore how family life draws us closer to God.


45-60 minutes


In the Beginning: Created for Gift

We look at what the story of our creation teaches us about human nature.


45-60 minutes