Oblinger, Dan

Mr. Dan Oblinger

Possible Talks (descriptions below): Catholic and Free;  Sex, Drugs, and Rock n'  Roll

Speaker's Bio: Dan Oblinger is a Catholic, husband, father, and professional trainer and speaker.  He speaks from the experience of an exotic range of endeavors. Dan presents passionately about what ails the world and the beautiful proposal of Catholic moral teaching. Dan has limited availability to speak. Mondays and Saturdays are best.    




# of Class Periods

Length of each Class Period


Catholic and Free

Inspired by current events, timeless Catholic understanding of liberty and free will, and the preaching of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. This talk explores a blueprint for better societies, parishes and Catholic families through a proper understanding of how to exercise liberty. 


1-10 hours as needed


Sex, Drugs, and Rock n'  Roll: The Wisdom of the Church in the Digital Age

An undercover Catholic cop reveals the truth about the drug culture, sex industry, and club scene.


1-10 hours as needed