Arnold, Marcelline

Mrs. Marcelline Arnold

Mrs. Marcelline Arnold

Possible Talks (descriptions below): Be Good and Listen to Your Angel;  Guardian Angels: God's Gift;  The Rosary;  Prayer Workshop

A sample of Marcelline’s topics:

  • Creed
  • Sacraments
  • Liturgy
  • Prayer
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Angels

Speaker's Bio: Marcelline was married for 32 years and has three sons, one of whom serves as a priest of the Wichita Diocese.  She was a teacher for 42 years.  Marcelline first received her certificate as a Master Catechist for the Wichita Diocese in 1996; she is a trained facilitator of the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent classes; and in recent years has completed a 3-yr course to be certified as a Spiritual Director. Marcelline is committed to life long learning and growth in spiritual and practical matters, and in sharing this knowledge with others.




# of Class Periods

Length of each Class Period


Be Good and Listen to Your Angel

A study of angels using Scripture, Church teachings, writings of the saints


or 3 class


1 hr each


Guardian Angels: God's Gift

Study of specifically Guardian Angels and their activity in our lives


1 hr


The Rosary

Development and history of the Rosary; how to pray in several different ways


1 hr each


Prayer Workshop

A hands-on, practical workshop in methods of prayer, both vocal and mental

1 or 3


1 hr or so