Bergkamp, Gil

Gil BergkampGil Bergkamp

Possible Talks (descriptions below): Involving Youth in Ministry, Energizing the Youth in their Faith, Sharing the Faith with Youth

A sample of Gil’s topics:

  • Morality
  • Prayer
  • Catechetics
  • Youth Ministry

Speaker's Bio: Gil grew up on a farm near Mt. Vernon and is one of 6 children.  He attended St. Rose of Lima church in Mt. Vernon until age 25 and then moved to Garden Plain Ks where he has been a member since.  Gil has two wonderful children and one awesome grandchild. Gil is currently a purchasing agent for the Coleman company since 1992 buying products from Companies in Asia and Europe.

He has taught High School PSR at St. Anthony, Garden Plain since 1998 and is currently teaching High School Seniors. It is by teaching religion that Gil was led to youth ministry which he loves doing.

In 2009 Gil received the Outstanding Catechist of the Year for the Wichita Diocese. Gil also received the Parish Youth Ministry Leaders Award for the Wichita Diocese in 2011.

Gil is currently the Region 3 coordinator for the Wichita Diocese and has served in this capacity since 2006.

He and his students provide a music ministry on the Regional level where they go to a different parish each month and evangelize thru song. They also coordinate trips to the Steubenville Youth conference each year since 2004.

Gil has also been involved in the TEC and CLAY community for the past couple of years working several retreats.







Involving Youth in Ministry

Tips on helping young people share their gifts in Catholic Youth Ministry and music ministry


1-2 hours


Energizing the Youth in their Faith

Inviting young people to a Eucharistic centered faith encounter /Steubenville retreats.


1-2 hours


Sharing the Faith with Youth

How to fall in love with teaching and catechizing.


1-2 hours