CYM April 2018 Lunch Notes

Our April topic was "How to Thrive in Ministry" and began with sharing with one other person the answer to how we would fill in the blanks to this statement: "I thought youth ministry was going to be __________________ and found it is really __________________________."

We then looked at 4 values that assist youth ministry leaders in creating and maintaining a healthy balance to thrive in ministry. 

We ended up reviewing 10 tips for our own self-care that strengthen the 4 values of healthy ministry.

Please look over the attached handouts from this month's luncheon, and do not hesitate to contact me if you'd like to discuss these ideas in more depth.

Handouts from the April luncheon:

1. How to thrive luncheon outline

2. Prayer for the youth ministry leader

3. How to Thrive in Ministry summary (contains examples of the 4 values)

4. Self-care of the Minister (contains 10 tips)

5. The World Needs More of God (quote for prayerful consideration)