CYM March 2018 Lunch Notes

For our March luncheon, youth ministry leaders from around the diocese discussed some of the challenges that arise in helping awkward youth feel more comfortable in a youth ministry setting. We began by reviewing the basics for community building to remind ourselves of the importance of creating a safe space for teens to open up and risk vulnerability. We also discussed some of the hurts that young people bring to ministry. We briefly looked at the 10 tips for talking with youth, and all agreed that these were helpful tools to keep in mind. Finally, we shared some real life examples of those challenging young people in our ministries and offered suggestions and support.

Please look over the attached handouts from this month's luncheon, and do not hesitate to contact me if you'd like to discuss these ideas in more depth.

handouts from the luncheon:

1) Building Community with Young People

2) Inside the World of Teens Today

3) 10 Tips for Talking with Teens