Inviting and Engaging Parents in PSR


Inviting and Engaging Parents


           In PSR


If we want parents to engage in Religious Education, we need to make connections and build relationships. It takes time, but it’s not difficult.  Here are six suggestions:


  1. Get to know them.  Learn names and use them, make eye contact and smile. 

  2. Invite them into the classroom.  Ask them to read a Bible story to the class, help with an easy craft or join you in praying a Rosary or Chaplet.  If they don’t come at first, keep asking. 

  3. Make a connection.  Tell them what you’re teaching and tell them how their child is responding. Make it interesting to them and keep it positive. Send notes home, send emails home, have face-to-face conversations, have phone conversations. 

  4. Instruct them through their children.  Give students talking points to take home to their parents and siblings.  Follow up each week at the beginning of class. 

  5. Ask them to pray for you.  Ask them if you can pray for them. What are their prayer intentions? You learn a lot about people and what’s going on in their lives with this question. 

  6. Listen. Listen to their feedback, questions and suggestions.  Respond using their language.  Many parents are not familiar with the religious language and terms that we use.  Share the faith with them but be careful not to make them feel judged or inferior in any way.

Lesson Plans and Ideas

We have wonderful and amazing Catechists in our diocese that are very creative and dedicated.  We rely strongly on our Cateshists to help each other and to offer resources, ideas and direction.

Please email us and let us know what you would like to see or provide anything you think would be helpful for other Catechists so we can all come TOGETHER.

people reaching out to each other


Examination of Conscience - for teenagers




Lapbooks For Catholics
A lapbook is a tool used to showcase and consolidate material studied and learned on a given topic. A lapbook is created from a file folder, refolded to create a book which can be held in the lap. Many different mini-books and other special projects are then stored and displayed in the lapbook. Lapbooks can be used for science, social studies, phonics, religion and so much more. The possibilities are endless.


Faith Folders for Catholics
A Faith Folder is our version of a Lapbook. Our Faith Folders are Catholic based and are used to teach and spread the Catholic Faith. They are sold in a variety of formats: digital, cd-rom and kits.

"Lindy Meyer is a busy mother and active parishioner at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Concordia. She has developed a very practical tool which parents and catechists will find helpful as a supplement to their catechetical programs. I am grateful for her initiative in designing these Faith Folders for Catholics."                             Most Reverend Paul S. Coakley, Archbishop of Oklahoma City



Faith on the Run - Sacraments

Faith on the Run - Helping Parents

Parents are the first and best teachers of their children. They are the first examples of God in the child’s world. Inside, please find some tried and true ways to make every day events into teachable moments for your child to see the love of God. By trying these ideas you will see that it is easy to model faithfulness for your child.

These single fold brochures can be downloaded by going to which is 23rd Publications.  For a nominal fee, you will be able to immediately download any of the 11 color brochures or all 11 at a discounted price and begin using them with your families!  To see any/all of the complete brochures, click on the image to the left.

Additional Options for High School

Life Teen - Their structure is set up for 16 sessions per semester that include a mixture of catechetical nights, social nights and issue nights. You can select how you would like to combine these various topics to fit your situation. The full package includes access to DVDs, skits,  teaching outlines (including scriptural and key Church document references), check-lists, evaluations and more.
Each session includes:

Gather – with an ice breaker
Proclaim – with a teaching
Break – Small group discussion with directed questions
Send – recap and closing prayer

Although the format is the same, these four sections will vary from week to week:
Example: some nights the Proclaim might be a video; the Break might include praying a Divine Chaplet in small groups; the Send might include Eucharistic Adoration or Veneration of the Cross. You may select sections of Life Teen that you want to use to complement your current CYM—but the elements of Community Life, Prayer and Service are included in this model.

Youth Ministry Access - Center for Ministry Development -

  • Designed especially for Catholic youth ministry leaders in parishes, schools, retreat centers, camps—wherever young people gather in community as young disciples.
  • For middle school youth ministry and high school youth ministry
  • Based on Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry (USCCB, 1997)
  • Provides more than 70 new gathered programs and non-gathered strategies each year
  • Includes catechetical sessions for high school youth, correlated to the U.S. Bishops' document, Adaptation of Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age.
  • Faith and Life Series - Lesson Plans for Grades 1-8

    Lesson Plans for 1st through 8th Grade Using the Faith and Life Textbook Series.

    Below you will find outlines and lesson plans for your PSR using the Faith and Life Textbook Series and implementing the Ecclesial Method of catechesis (see here for more on the Ecclesial Method). Note which version of the Faith and Life series you are using and print off the corresponding outline for the PSR year and lesson plans.  The lessons are the same regardless of whether you are using the “revised edition” or the “3rd edition” but the page numbers referred to in the lesson plans are specific to a particular edition. Hard copies of the Faith and Life series can be purchased at Emmaus Road Publishing or Ignatius Press The books can also be accessed online at My Catholic Faith Delivered.

    Grade/Edition of Textbook Outline for PSR Year Lesson Plans
    1 Revised Edition Grade 1 Outline Grade 1 Lesson Plans
    1 Third Edition Grade 1 Outline 3rd Ed Grade 1 Lesson Plans 3rd Ed
    2 Revised Edition Grade 2 Outline Grade 2 Lesson Plans
    2 Third Edition Grade 2 Outline 3rd Ed Grade 2 Lesson Plans 3rd Ed
    3 Revised Edition Grade 3 Outline Grade 3 Lesson Plans
    3 Third Edition Grade 3 Outline 3rd Ed Grade 3 Lesson Plans 3rd Ed
    4 Revised Edition Grade 4 Outline Grade 4 Lesson Plans
    4 Third Edition Grade 4 Outline 3rd Ed Grade 4 Lesson Plans 3rd Ed
    5 Revised Edition Grade 5 Outline Grade 5 Lesson Plans
    5 Third Edition Grade 5 Outline 3rd Ed Grade 5 Lesson Plans 3rd Ed
    6 Revised Edition Grade 6 Outline Grade 6 Lesson Plans
    6 Third Edition Grade 6 Outline 3rd Ed Grade 6 Lesson Plans 3rd Ed
    7 Revised Edition Grade 7 Outline Grade 7 Lesson Plans
    7 Third Edition Grade 7 Outline 3rd Ed Grade 7 Lesson Plans 3rd Ed
    8 Revised Edition Grade 8 Outline Grade 8 Lesson Plans
    8 Third Edition Grade 8 Outline 3rd Ed Grade 8 Lesson Plans 3rd Ed

    High School Curriculum (Arlington) Journey to Emmaus

    With great joy and excitement the Office of Faith Formation announces a new curriculum for your High School PSR and/or CYM. It is called Journey to Emmaus and was created by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Va. The curriculum consists of twenty sessions per year, sixteen “catechetical nights” and four “issue nights.” The catechetical nights cover specific doctrines, while issue nights address common cultural issues that teens may face.

    Each session includes, Scripture references, Catechism and Church document citations, opening and closing prayers, games and icebreakers, a sample talk, and related media links to music, movies, and websites. You may use this curriculum in its entirety—or as needed to supplement your existing program.
    Click here to view the scope and sequence of the curriculum.
    To view the Curriculum Key and to view a Sample Lesson Click here.

    Here is how you can access this solid resource for the teens in your parish:
    1) Conact the Office of Faith Formation via email or call (316) 269-3940
    2) Make arrangements with Kimberly Green to make a monetary donation (We are asking for a one-time $100 donation for a year's worth of digital lesson plans and one hard copy provided by the Office of Faith Formation at your request)
    3) Receive the passwords for the fall and spring semesters and agree not to share the passwords with anyone other than your parish high school catechists
    or youth ministry leaders.
    4) The passwords will get you access to the digital versions of both semesters. You are free to print them off for the use of your high school catechists or
    youth ministry leaders. If you would like to purchase additional printed copies from the Office of Faith Formation you may do so for the cost of printing.

    Spanish Faith and Life Grades 1-8

    Spanish Translation of Faith and Life Series

    New in 2013, the Faith and Life series now includes a supplemental Student Textbook in Spanish for each grade. This Spanish textbook contains the entire text of the English student textbook translated into Spanish along with paragraph references to the English Student Textbook. Chapter questions are included, but the layout and image selection varies from the English counterpart. This supplemental student textbook in Spanish is designed to allow Spanish speaking only parents and guardians of children to follow along with the child's religious formation or the Spanish textbook can be used in the classroom by Spanish speaking students. Please note that the TM is only available in English and there is not a Spanish Activity book. The Spanish text is meant as a supplement to the Faith and Life 3rd Edition series in English. NOTE: While Grades 1-4 are in print, we are correcting errors found in Grades 5-8 while still hoping to ship them in October. Therefore we are providing temporarily for free, downloads of the first 12 chapters of Grades 5-8 until the books become available. Click on these temporary links for PDF files: Grade 5 SP, Grade 6 SP, Grade 7 SP, Grade 8 SP.

    Download sample pages below of the first four chapters to use while the texts are at printing.
    Grade 1
    Grade 2
    Grade 3
    Grade 4
    Grade 5
    Grade 6
    Grade 7
    Grade 8
    See for more information.