SEEK Conference for College Students


“What do you seek?” (John 1:38)

SEEK is an invitation to college students everywhere to explore life’s bigger questions: who we are, where we’re going and what we seek along the journey. As FOCUS’ national conference, SEEK encourages all students to come explore what they truly seek: to learn about the faith, to share in friendship, to be encouraged in their unique vocation — and to experience the love, hope and very real presence of Jesus Christ through His Church.

Hosted for five days every other year, SEEK gathers thousands of college students together from all across the country for a time of prayer, fellowship, engaging talks, inspiring entertainment — and, most importantly, a chance to encounter Christ in a life-changing way.

"SEEK is about taking the risk to encounter the person of Jesus Christ. It is about becoming a deeper part of a Church that helps you find answers to the questions you SEEK and enables you to reach out to others in need."

- Christine Sarnow, Director of SEEK2017