2015 October College Age Ministry Highlights

It's October! Here are are several ways to grow in your faith this month:

1) Read Pope Francis' latest encyclical Laudato Si (On Care For Our Common Home) or at least read the 2-minute summary. You can also check out some interesting blogs about why we should even care about the environment.
WHAT YOU CAN DO: You can take the Pledge of St. Francis (in honor of his feast day on Oct 4) or you can help create a creation c
are group at your school or work.

2) Pope Francis' prayer intention for October is“That human trafficking, the modern form of slavery, may be eradicated”.
WSU all have programs dedicated to stopping human trafficking.

1) October is the month of the rosary. If you are not familiar with the rosary or If you are already a daily rosary pray-er and want to introduce this devotional to a friend, you can find everything you need right here.

2) Struggling with the formation of a consistent prayer life? You may find Jim Beckman's book God, Help Me: How to Grow in Prayer helpful. It is refreshingly honest!

3) Take just 30 minutes to watch Dr. Tim Gray discuss prayer in "Casting Into the Deep: Five Steps to Transforming Your Prayer Life"

Here is a fun way to log some volunteer hours before the end of the semester:

DiRT (Diocesan Retreat Team) is a group of college students and young adults who offer 4.5 hour retreats, on the weekends, for high school students preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation.  The theme of the retreat is the person of the Holy Spirit and Reconciliation. We are looking for help leading small groups, sharing personal testimonies, and giving the main retreat talks.
WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you are interested in serving please email Angelica Ayers for more information.  Thank you and God bless!

The Kansas Catholic College Student Convocation (KCCSC) will take place February 5-7, 2016 at Prairie Star Ranch. Registration takes place in December. Contact the Office of Faith Formation for information on scholarships and/or carpo
oling. Don't miss this huge Catholic student gathering!

2015 September College Age Ministry Highlights


Special Pope Francis visit issue!

If you weren't aware that Pope Francis will be visiting the US in a few weeks, then you are either a super dedicated student and/or you've been living under a rock! Either way, know that his holiness will be state side Sep 22-27.

Follow THE Leader
If you can't break away from your busy life to fly to the east coast, you can follow the events on Twitter @usccb or @catholicnewssvc. You can also check out events on You Tube @usccb.
Join the Tour - Virtually
If you really want to join in the day-to-day visits, you can participate in a virtual tour which basically invites you to download and pray specific prayers for each day of the pontiff's visit.
Read more about The Pope
Check out this
interview on Busted Halo with Michael O'Loughlin author of "The Tweetable Pope."
Go all out!
Finally, if you want to truly enter into the pope mania--you may want to download the new
pope emoji available for free at the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes App Store.

This month you will find some helpful blogs on a variety of topics:
What is Happiness?
How Not to Kill Your Roommate
How to Tell if Your Friends are Real Friends

Get more out of each Sunday Mass. On the St. Louis University liturgy website you'll find valuable tips (reflections, ideas for music, tips for prayer, etc.) for helping prepare for the Sunday liturgy.

Save the Date! The Kansas Catholic College Student Convocation (KCCSC) will take place February 5-7, 2016 at Prairie Star Ranch. Registrations are usually due in December. Contact our office if you'd like info on scholarships and/or carpooling. You won't want to miss this huge Catholic student gathering!

Project Freedom for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is seeking applicants for the team that provides parish retreats on chastity. Contact OFF@CatholicDioceseofWichita.org if you are interested in applying.

The Diocesan Retreat Team for the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is seeking small group leaders to volunteer 4 hours/per retreat throughout the diocese. This team serves those who are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Great way to witness to young people, catch up with friends, AND receive service hours! It is not too late sign up. You can do that here.