2018 February Living Faith

Special Lenten Issue

DeStressing with LENT
Perhaps it is no coincidence that Lent was ushered in on Valentine's Day. This holy season is all about love, after all. Whether you are already "on it", or haven't given Lent a second thought, the next six weeks are an opportunity for all of us to de- stress our hectic lives by growing in our mindfulness of how God is working in our lives.

Lent is about simplicity. We can simplify through surrender. We can surrender our need for control through PRAYER. We can surrender our need for things through FASTING. We can surrender our hearts to others through ALMSGIVING.

Simply look through this list of 21 ideas for Lent and choose. 1. If you'd like more ideas, check out Lent in 3 Minutes  or click HERE for more resources.

Begin each day with a quick prayer as soon as you awake
Attend Stations of the Cross
Daily rosary
20 minutes of daily prayer
Increase spiritual reading
Practice 15 minutes of silence

Give up fast food, bread or sweets
Drink only water
Give up your favorite social media
No screen time 20 minutes before bed
Give up coffee, caffeine or sodas
Sit down to eat
Only check phone when not in public

Eat lunch with others
Practice random acts of kindness
Donate to a charity you love
Don't complain
No sarcasm/negativity
Be patient
Volunteer somewhere