Campus Ministry Resources

These planning resources may be used for parish outreach or adapted for campus ministry settings:

1) Planning for Ministry

2) Marketing Your Ministry

3) Marketing Resource List

4)The Catholic Campus Ministry Association (CCMA) has a Campus Ministry Tool Kit full of useful tools, including Tips for Fall Sign up Follow-Up; Toolkit for Small Faith Sharing Groups; Six Social Media Tips for Event Planners and more. Explore it!

5) Busted Halo offers a Dorm Room Care Package complete with helpful blogs on everything from conquering homesickness and procrastination to dealing with roommates, a dorm room blessing and more.

6) The Office of Faith Formation Speakers’ Bureau has over 30 presenters willing to travel to your campus and/or parish to give one night or a series of talks on various topics.

7) FOCUS equip offers great tips in How to Lead a Bible Study, including: The Purpose of a Bible Study; Role #1-Prayer-The Heart of Leading a Study; Role #2-Hospitality-Your First Meeting and Beyond; Role #3-Facilitator-Leading Great Discussions

8) The Evangelical Catholic website contains resources to assist in small group formation to develop strong disciples. Check out this video on Equipping Leaders to Form Effective Small Groups Step by Step