The Voice of Ability Series

Jaimez - Holy Name, Coffeyville parishioner says everyone can do some things

By Tony Jaimez
I don’t have a disability. I don’t know what a disability is. Everybody can’t do everything. Everybody can do some things. I like to clean. I clean the church every week. I help my brother (who is the custodian) clean Holy Name School. I clean the house. My family includes my Mom and Dad, and 11 brothers and sisters living and 4 dead. I love my family. My family loves me. I go to Mass almost every time we have Mass. I like to help Father as an altar boy. Also, I like to bring the gifts to Father at the Offertory and to be an usher at Mass. I love Father Dan. I miss Father Jerome and Father Ben and Father Chad. When we moved into our house, Father Jerome blessed our house and ate with us. My favorite saints are St. Padre Pio, St. Anthony (my patron saint), St. Christopher, and Jesus’ mom, Mary. My favorite Holy Day is Easter, when the stone was rolled away, and Jesus rose from the dead. My favorite prayer is to St. Margaret about Jesus and also the Our Father that Jesus taught us to pray.
People can help me by loving me. I like to give hugs. I love everybody.
Tony is a member of Holy Name Parish in Coffeyville.

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