The Voice of Ability Series

Dondlinger - Blessed Sacrament parishioner loves to pray, go to Mass and go shopping

By Allison Dondlinger
I have a disability, it’s Down Syndrome. I want you to see all the things I can do, not what I can’t do. My abilities, not disabilities. Give me a job to do and I can do it. Give me a song, and I’ll sing it. Give me a smile and I’ll give you love. Give me love and I’ll give you a hug. Give me routines and I’m content. I am a parishioner at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. At Blessed Sacrament I belong to the Ladies Altar Society. I like to help with funeral dinner clean up, help at the parish office stuffing envelopes, and even help with cleaning the church on Saturdays with mom. Once a month I go with mom and dad to The Lord’s Diner to serve the hungry. I like to go and help there because I know I’m doing God’s work, helping the homeless and those in need. My favorite things to do at home are coloring, painting, and making necklaces and bracelets with different colored beads. Arts and crafts keep me very busy. I like to use my talents to paint colorful pictures to give to others. I also like to write letters to others to make their day brighter. My favorite thing to do in the summer is to attend Holy Family Camp. The priests, deacons, supervisors, and all my camp buddies are so wonderful. We all yell, jump and scream, dance, and sing. (My favorite things to do!) And swim too! There are many many activities there that keep us busy. It’s so much fun to see my friends and even more to make new ones. I can’t wait for summer!! My mom and dad appointed me to be the prayer warrior of the family since I love to pray and go to Mass. It’s my job to remind everyone to pray grace before meals no matter where we are at or who we are with. I also love to make colorful holy pictures and paintings to hang on my wall. My favorite times of the year are Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, birthdays and any day, which is often, that I go shopping. I love to shop. As they say, shop until you drop. That’s me! I have a brother, Raymond, who is very special also. When he was younger he would always stick up for me and protect me. He is now married to Vanessa and has two children, Reece and Ryker. God has blessed me in many ways and besides my family I am especially thankful for my wonderful parish family and priests. God bless everyone!


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