The Voice of Ability Series

Baalmann - Young man loves St. Michael, a wave and giving you a hug

By Nathan Baalmann
I have Down Syndrome which causes me to have a mild-moderate learning delay. This includes the areas of speech, education, and normal daily living activities. I love to be social and talk to people and I manage daily life well. I am a very kind person who will always give you a smile! I love to listen to music, watch action movies (the Avengers are my favorite), and to eat food. I love playing basketball and soccer at school. I have seven brothers and one sister, and right now I live with my mom and dad on my family’s farm. I love staying over at my brothers’ houses and playing video games with them. I always win! One of my favorite saints is St. Michael, and my confirmation saint is St. Andre. I go to Sunday Mass every week. I help my family members play and sing at Masses. I love to sing in church. I love Easter and Christmas Masses at church. We go to the Christmas Eve Mass and the Easter vigil Mass every year. I love all of the flowers and the music! My favorite prayer to say is the Glory Be. When I’m out and about, I like to hold the door open for people, that’s nice. I ask them how they’re doing, I like when they tell me how they are doing. I would love it if people would let me shake their hand, wave at them, and even give me a hug!
Nathan is the son of Mark and Diane Baalmann, and is a member of St. Joseph Parish in Andale.

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